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Yes I know. We are considering buying a 4x4 in Chile and DRIVING all this way. I know.

We need to apply for an International Driving Permit from the Post Office in the UK. They're valid for a year, and can be issued up to 3 months from the date of travel. We need to apply for both the 1926 and the 1949 versions. For Brazil, a certified translation is needed from the Consulate.

To buy a car in Chile, we will need to:

Once in Chile, go to the nearest tax office (servicio de impuestos internos or sii) with your passport. If you do not speak Spanish, find someone who can help translate.

Fill out the form titled 'inicio de actividades' to request a RUT (pronounced 'root'), a Chilean tax ID number. You will be given an unimportant looking paper that is your temporary RUT. You need this to buy real property.

You can now look for a car. Dealerships, used car lots, the internet and the Sunday classifieds are a good place to look for a car.

When you find a car you like, go to the 'registro civil' to run a check on the plate number. Specifically you need to ask for a 'certificado de anotaciones'. If it says 'sin anotaciones' it has never been wrecked or stolen.

Buy the car. The dealer will help you through all the details. The steps are the same for buying from a private individual, but must be done at a notary.

You will need to:
1) sign a purchase agreement on a set price (compraventa)
2) transfer the title to your name and RUT number
3) pay a 5% tax on the total cost of the vehicle.
4) get a temporary ownership document from the Registro Civil. Your new title 'padron' will be mailed to whatever address you list.
5) get the old title 'padron', obligatory insurance 'SOAP', and 'revision tecnica' from the previous owner.
6)Play it safe by getting third party full coverage insurance at any large insurance agency in Chile.
7)If you are in Santiago you need a TAG to pay the local tolls. The only one that gives a TAG to foriegners that don't have a residence visa is Vespucio Norte.
8)As soon as you get your permament title, 'padron', you can take your car out of Chile. You only need to buy an inexpensive international liability insurance that is sold at all big stores (Falabella, Paris, etc).

The Ideal car:
About 4 million pesos which is about £5000 at the moment. We wouldn't want to go much higher than that. 4WD. Not too old. Hopefully extras like a CD player, aircon, maybe a sunroof! A boot that's big enough to sleep in-we could fold down the seats and have a fairly large space hopefully. That's all I got-apart from reliable and good mpg. Oh and not too flash looking. Don't actually want to look like we have oodles of cash.

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